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On May 17, 2013 at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR the …THE GREAT … EARL CATE … and his band THEM, featuring Terry Cagle, Jason Davis, and John Davies were joined by good friends Jimmy Thackery and David Renko to create one incredible performance. Although the show was just over two hours it encompassed years of preparation. The evening showcased the talents of seasoned musicians who have been toiling at their trade for decades. That night, the guys put on a live masterpiece of musical improvisation.

Earl and Them had been playing together for several years prior to this recording. Jimmy Thackery and David Renko would sit in on occasions. David more frequently because he lived and worked in the area, Jimmy less. Although Jimmy lived in Busch, AR, he still maintained a rigorous national touring act. When the fellows got together, the results were spectacular and the word got around that this was an incredible show. The guys would play off of each other and trade ferocious leads of guitar and sax. Much of the best work came when the guys jammed. Then, Jimmy and Earl would get into a zone and trade licks of epic proportions. And David, not to be outdone, would respond with his own breathtaking leads. Jimmy has told Earl that what they do on stage together should not be able to be done, and that he can only do this with Earl. These guys can create and improvise on stage with the best. This stuff is rarely rehearsed and no two shows are alike.

When we learned that Jimmy and his wife Sally had decided to move to Belize, we knew that this may be the last chance to record Earl and Them with Jimmy. Fortunately, the guys had a gig at George's on May 17th for the famous happy hour set. Jimmy was in town to lay down some tracks on the previous Earl and Them album "Same Love". So the guys got together, we dug the recording equipment out, and this is what you get. A tremendous performance by some of the best musicians in Arkansas. Jimmy has since settled in Belize but still actively tours in the United States. However, he has not been able to perform with Earl and Them since the evening of the recording.

THE RECIPE: Start with the iconic guitar work of the legendary Earl Cate, add in the red hot powerful licks of a guitar god in his own right, Jimmy Thackery. Mix it up with the soulful vocals of Jason Davis and Terry Cagle. Throw in an incredible rendition of the classic Band song "The Weight" by Dawn Cate. Blend it all together with the steady rhythm of Jason, Terry, and John Davies. And then, spice it all off with a magnificent performance by saxophone virtuoso, David Renko. Wow, you have one fine recipe for a legendary performance.

GEORGE'S MAJESTIC LOUNGE, Fayetteville, AR. Located on Dickson St. in the heart of the entertainment district for the city and the University of Arkansas. George's has been a bar and restaurant in some form or fashion since the 1920's. The current owner Brian Crowne and staff have built the club into a wonderful music hall tailored for live music. It is now considered the premiere music venue in Arkansas and the region. Many of the current and legendary regional and national acts have tour stops on its stage.


Earl rose to stardom with his twin brother Ernie in the 1970's with their band "The Cate Brothers". Their 1976 single "Union Man" reached the top ten on the charts. After an over four decade career Ernie retired a few years back and Earl has created a new band which has picked up the torch and run with it. Earl played guitar with Levon Helm and The Band after Robbie Robertson left the group in the early 1980's, most notably on their tour of Japan. Earl's bands have shared the stage with many of the rock and roll legends of our time including; Fleetwood Mac, The Doobie Brothers, Heart, Queen, and Dr. John.

TERRY CAGLE: Drums and vocals. Terry has played with the Cate Brothers since he was 15 years old and was along for their journey during the glory years. Terry is the nephew of the late Levon Helm and has an uncanny resemblance and voice similar to his famous uncle.

JASON DAVIS: Front man, vocalist and guitar. Hails from Lincoln, Nebraska where he was a child prodigy. Toured ten years with "Baby Jason and the Spankers", played 7 years with the "Tablerockers".

JOHN DAVIES: Bass. 30+ year journeyman professional player who has performed with many great bands. Most recently John toured nationally and internationally with the Michael Burkes Band. John joined "Earl and Them" after the untimely death of Michael. Previously, he had a long stint with the Cate Brothers Band.


Master of the electric guitar. Jimmy has recorded countless albums over a 40+ year career. The past 20 years have been spent with his band "Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers". Formerly of the DC area "Nighthawks".

DAVID RENKO: Saxophonist extraordinaire! David has played with the Cate Brothers for over 20 years. Child prodigy from Ft. Smith, AR. He has been performing publicly since he was in grade school, most notably with "David and the Immatures" during his teenage years.

DAWN CATE: Earl's daughter Dawn, a talented vocalist in the local music scene, sings a soulful rendition of the classic Band tune "The Weight".

SOUNDMAN - ADAM PUTMAN: Adam has been the main sound man at George's for many years. In recent years Adam has been recording and producing albums for many of the NW Arkansas area leading bands through his production company "Insomniac Studios". Adam did the sound the night of the show and also recorded the event. He later mixed the recording and he is heavily responsible for its sound and quality of reproduction. We are grateful for his work on this project.
We hope you will enjoy the show!!!

Produced by Swingin' Door Records
Mark Risk Executive Producer
Recorded and Mixed by Adam Putman, Insomniacstudiosinc@gmail.com
Mastered by Mark Yoshida, AudioGraphic Masterworks, LLC, Bartlett, Tennessee
Design and Graphics by Arrowhead Rendering Studios, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Copyright C P 2015

SWINGIN' DOOR RECORDS, P.O. Box 747, Fayetteville, AR 72702
Check out the band and the music at www.earlandthem.com

The double disc cd set can be purchased at earlandthem.com, swingindoorrecords.com, (479-582-3603), cdbaby.com, or at select area merchants.

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"The Malibu Sessions" EP Features Rare Recordings by The Cate Brothers Band

Swingin' Door Records and Stratton Entertainment Group are proud to announce the release of The Malibu Sessions, an EP featuring four rare songs by The Cate Brothers Band from their historic 1982 recording session at famed Shangri-La Recording Studio in Malibu, California.

Shangri-La was the place for inspiration for many musicians ranging from Pete Townshend to Billy Preston to Eric Clapton. It was a magical time for Earl and Ernie Cate, who, along with band members Terry Cagle and Ron Eoff, recorded songs that included slide guitar by Bonnie Raitt ("Don't Need a Woman Like That") and keyboard and strings by Garth Hudson of The Band ("I Can't Keep Up With You" and "I Can't Change It").

The Malibu Sessions producer Rob Fraboni designed and built Shangri La to the specifications of Bob Dylan and The Band. Fraboni is known for producing albums such as Northern Lights - Southern Cross by The Band, No Reason to Cry by Eric Clapton and Unforgiven by Tim Hardin, among others. (Shangri-La studio itself was featured several times in Martin Scorsese's The Last Waltz, which is considered one of the greatest rock 'n' roll documentaries of all time.)

At the time of the Malibu sessions, The Cate Brothers were already successful in their own right with their 1976 hit song, "Union Man," and several televised performances that included The Midnight Special and Austin City Limits. While The Cates' Shangri-La recordings featured some of the group's strongest studio work to date, the industry was suffering from a disco hangover of the 1970s with no idea where to go next. The project was shelved.

Then, it got even worse. Shangri-La caught on fire and The Cate Brothers' master tapes were destroyed, seemingly closing yet another chapter of rock 'n' roll history. The Cate Brothers Band, however, continued with their success by touring with The Band and recording albums as years passed.

Meanwhile, Randy Stratton, who facilitated The Cate Brothers' recording contract with Fraboni, had kept a tape of the 1982 recordings. It was digitally restored by local producer Darren Novotny, which resulted in The Malibu Sessions.

"Like all Cate Brothers music, it's not dated," says Stratton, who is executive producer of The Malibu Sessions. "The EP is as relevant now as it was in 1982."



Earl and Them Release 2nd CD “Same Love” - Now Available


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Earl & Them CD Release Party at Georges Majestic Lounge - Nov. 22, 2013


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Earl and Them Release 2nd CD “Same Love”

It has taken months of recording, mixing, and mastering to reach perfection, but the second Earl and Them CD project is ready to hit the airwaves and your cd player. The great Earl Cate and friends have gotten together to create 13 tracks of rocking Americana and Blues music. The CD is titled “Same Love”.

Earl and Them is led by the legendary Arkansas guitarist Earl Cate. The band is comprised of the core four: Earl Cate (lead guitar, backup vocals), Jason Davis (guitar, lead and backup vocals), Terry Cagle (drums, lead and backup vocals), and John Davies (Bass). The four are joined on the new CD with special guests Ernie Cate (keyboards), David Renko (saxophone), Jeff Gray (trumpet), Jimmy Thackery (guitar), RJ Mischo (harmonica), and Dawn Cate (vocals). These players have been around for quite a while and are still putting out great listening music. And many would argue the best in their careers.

“It has taken us some time to put this latest project together and we are very excited about the results”, states Earl Cate. “We wanted to capture our live sound on this CD similar to our performances and we think we got it. The sound is crisp and clear”.

Earl and Them’s live performances are becoming legendary. The band is very tight and you never know who may show up and join the band on stage. Peter Read of Nightflying calls “Earl and Them” the best bar band in Arkansas.

Earl Cate gained stardom with his twin brother Ernie in the Cate Brothers Band. Their song “Union Man” and album “The Cate Brothers Band” reached the top of the charts in the 1970’s. He has been recognized as one of the best guitar players in the world by many enthusiasts. Earl has shared the stage with such classic rock acts as the Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac and played and toured with Levon Helm and The Band. He continues to perform at the highest levels with his unique sound and melodic rhythms. Earl co-produced the new album with Adam Putman of Insomniac Studios. Earl’s touch is on every song and aspect of this new CD.

Front man for the band is Jason Davis who plays guitar and lead vocals on many of the band’s tunes. His soulful voice fits perfectly with the group’s music. He sings solo leads on “Same Love”, “Too Much of Everything”, “Knock Knock”, “I Shiver”, “Hug You, Squeeze You”, “Save It For Someone Who Cares”, “Ain’t Doing Too Bad” and his version of the Rolling Stones “Beast of Burden”, (which will make you melt by the way).

The other lead vocalist for the band is Terry Cagle who is also the band’s drummer. His voice is striking and sounds eerily similar to his late Uncle’s Levon Helm. Terry sings all of the “Band” songs which are covered on this CD; ie., “W.S. Walcott Medicine Show”, “King Harvest”, “Don’t Do It”, and “The Weight”. He also is the lead singer on the old Frogman Henry tune “Ain’t Got No Home”. Terry also sings backup vocals on most of the other songs on the record. In addition, his drum work is superb, driving the band through the entire album. It is not easy to sing and play drums at the same time. Few can do it and Terry does it magnificently.

The core four is rounded out by the latest addition to the group, John Davies on bass. John has been with the band about a year now and has fit like a well-worn glove. His bass lines provide the rhythm for the rest of the band to exploit. John has played in many bands over the years, including ten years with the Cate Brothers, and has toured nationally and internationally with the late Michael Burkes and his Band.

As stated earlier, the core four are joined by several guests on this latest project. Earl’s brother Ernie Cate makes an appearance on several tracks playing his specialty, the keyboards. You can hear his Hammond organ on several of the songs. Dave Renko, also of the Cate Brothers fame, plays his saxophone on “W.S. Walcott’s Medicine Show”, “Don’t Do It” and “Save It For Someone Who Cares”. Jeff Gray, an outstanding horn player, also joins in on the above tunes with his trumpet resulting in a big band horn section sound. The great blues guitarist Jimmy Thackery joins in on two of the tunes on the CD. His guitar work is unmistakable on “Ain’t Got No Home” and “Ain’t Doing Too Bad”. RJ Mischo, the internationally acclaimed harmonica player lays down his harp on the old John Lee Hooker song “Hug You, Squeeze You”. And Earl’s daughter, Dawn Cate, belts out one blazing rendition of “The Weight”. Additionally, Timothy Grace of Randall Shreeve and the Sideshow plays stride piano on “Ain’t Got No Home”.

The album was recorded at George’s Majestic Lounge and Insomniac Studios in Fayetteville, AR. It was mastered by Mark Yoshida of Audio Graphic Masterworks of Memphis., TN.. The cd is being released by Swingin Door Records. Executive producer of the project is Mark Risk of Swingin Door Records. Swingin Door Records is located in Fayetteville and based upon the legendary “Swinging Door” bar located on Dickson St. in Fayetteville during the 1970’s.

The band will have cd release parties in Fayetteville on November 22nd at George’s Majestic Lounge from 6-8 PM and in Little Rock on November 23rd at Cajun’s Wharf from 9-12. If you can’t make the release parties, cds can be purchased through the band’s website www.earlandthem.com, at www.cdbaby.com, at www.swingindoorrecods.com, or at selected retail outlets.


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To order by the CD by mail, contact:

Swingin Door Records
P.O. Box 747
Fayetteville, AR 72702

or call

(479) 582-3603

To book Earl and Them contact Earl Cate at (479)957-5882





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