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Constant Change was formed in January of 2002 by a group of North Carolina musicians in their twenties with a passion for bluegrass music. For the first several years the band lived up to its name, as various hot young pickers came and went. But once Brian Aldridge (banjo) and his brother Daniel (mandolin) stepped in to join founding member Clifton Preddy (fiddle), the nucleus of a special band was in place. With Greg Luck and Zak McLamb now in the band, they are surely a “band to watch”.

Constant Change has evolved over the years with their musical style and selections. With this new configuration, the emphasis is more on a "band" sound reminiscent back to the BG Album Band era which helped to define the second generation of bluegrass. They are now leveraging and showcasing the strengths of each member while collectively synergizing into a refreshing but familiar sound which is powerful and "in the pocket" as they say. With the new members who are also based in North Carolina, the band is energized more than ever and ambitious towards producing the best music yet.

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